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December 16th, 2007

10:14 pm - hey look, i'm back on lj!
I guess we'll see how long this lasts. I haven't looked at my friends page yet. Does anyone still read these? Here's a bunch of random things, in list form:

-William H. Macy shovels well. He shovels VERY well
-TOTALLY obsessed with MIA and Black Kids lately.
-Finally got signed up for a radio show for this year. I'll be on Mondays at midnight, just like last year. There's only one Monday left before break, so I'll probably just wait and start doing it second semester
-Last night Steve was talking to me about how he might shave his head over break and freak everyone out when he came back. Then later, he said he was going to take a shower, but actually went and cut his hair real short! Awesome!
-Don't freeze cream cheese. Takes forever to thaw, and if you try to eat it too soon, it's got a really gross texture. I want to make dip!

-I can definitely see how MIA would be really annoying to a lot of people. Fortunately, I can't get enough.
-Listening to MIA really makes me want Indian food
-I know, she's Sri Lankan, but it just makes me want Indian food anyway, ok?
-Hahaha Steve just walked by and was dancing. He doesn't really seem like the type to like MIA, but he's totally dancing right now

-Wizard People, Dear Reader is just about the funniest thing I've ever seen, I think. I plan to try and get a bunch of people together over break to watch that, if anyone is interested.

EDIT: I am reposting this entry, having recently changed my settings to let people on facebook know that I've made an entry on lj.
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December 12th, 2006

05:30 pm - my moment of yuletide empathy
In the spirit of Christmas (which I LOVE) I just wanna say that I actually feel pretty sorry for Bush right now. Bear in mind, please, that there are many ways to feel sorry. One way is the one where you feel sorry for someone who you know did all they could to avoid something and yet it still happened and it sucks because it's not the least bit their fault.

A much more applicable way to feel sorry for someone is the way in which you feel bad because even though they probably could have done a lot of things better/differently, it still sucks that they have to deal with the things they do. Anyway, my point is just that I feel bad for Bush right now cause he's got a lot to think about this Christmas. Obviously he had quite a long time to start listening to other people about Iraq, and yes, if he had done so then it's possible that there would be a lot less crisis and bloodshed on his mind these days, but I still feel bad for the guy.

That said, I'm glad to see that there will start to be some changes 'round here. I mean there. Whatever.
Current Music: Sufjan Stevens Songs for Christmas! Thanks grandma+grandpa!

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November 27th, 2006

06:27 pm - ...because we are being hunted.
What better way to return to LJ than with a post about T-Givin' Reprieve? H'okay!
...but first some other stuff:
-So, college. Got back here last night and unpacked, then sat around watching teh Office with Jamie, the most ghettofabulous white Minnesotan girl you will never meet.
-started spanish 301 today. seems like it's gonna be rockin' awesome
-several times today, i uttered the phrase "sorry 'bout it"
-there is much lightning. i might not do my show tonight cause i'm a wimp

-had a reprieve from college
-mostly just hung around with Linus and J Dilla (my new nickname for Jodie)
-saw practically EVERYONE at emma's on wednesday. that ruled
-sadly, did not see Jake or Brian. I miss youz guys. Grargh.
-christmas tree!
-ANDREW BIRD and MARTIN DOSH were the best show i saw all week. it's true!
-saw the real steven king who was not just some guy. He was the real steven king and i saw him. We have a picture of the back of his head.
-i drove two jeeps in one day. that was fine, i guess
-did NOT buy a Wii. Wii tried to find one but Fry's was dry, of course
-got new shoes. they'z diesel
-oh, right, EATING!
-dinner at PF Chang's with Tim, Hammy, Carrie, Pat, Terry, Turza, Caitlin
-it's ALWAYS a good time to quote jurassic park
-nice jeep, virgin!

Also, I spent a lot of my break thinking about the whol transferring situation. I dunno, it doesn't seem so bad here right now...

Sorry 'bout it,
Current Music: the doobie brothers- BlackWillDagger

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October 9th, 2006

08:21 pm - ADAM BATTY ON THE (college) RADIO!!!



EDIT 11:07 PM- I am a dumbass and I forgot to say what time my show is on. It's on at midnight. That's 12:00 central time, folks!

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October 8th, 2006

02:53 pm - please don't get too excited...
...but last night Andrew Bird signed my ipod.

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September 23rd, 2006

04:50 pm - Dear LJ,
My new AIM screen name is "AggroBatty", so that's the one you should message in order to talk to me. K, thanks.
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September 15th, 2006

03:31 am - college news
Ok so the college news is this:

-i am at college and halfway through my first course, religions of the world. go block plan!!!
-feelings are boring, kissing is awesome
-"SexyBack" is the official song of my freshman class
-my laptop's memory is somehow full already. wtf???
-i will be co-hosting a radio show every thursday night on 89.7 KRNL radio. what will we play? you'll just have to listen in, sir! i'll put a link to the stream on here later
-more or less everyone here is awesome
-last week i had a slumber party
-having access to the radio station's music library is friggin' sweet
-today was the first orchestra rehearsal. i am 3rd chair viola out of 6. i think that's pretty good since i'm the only new violist in the section
-tomorrow night my roommate is going off campus. this means that i will be able to sleep naked for once (that has been the toughest change in college life). I'm also gonna turn on both of our fans and have the windows wide open so i can use all of my blankets. i love being cozy.
-there is a sweet coffee shop in town with lots of cool teas
-today in my school mailbox i got a random, anonymous card that says "stand back, your coolness is blowing me away." Weird.
-this weekend i am going to see Barack Obama. Sweet.

That being said, I MISS ALL YALL! I hope everyone is having a good year so far.
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June 2nd, 2006

03:41 pm
Franz6389: haha
Franz6389: oh!! its raining!!
Franz6389: hahahah
Franz6389: loooosers
Franz6389: its going to be all unplleasant at grad
Adam Batty: graduate- (noun). a person who is going to graduation and then stealing holly's b-day thunder by having a sweet graduation party on the same day. ie adam batty
Adam Batty: *ahem*
Franz6389: oh man! harsh cardinals man!
Adam Batty: Your check will be coming by momentarily, because you have just been...
Adam Batty: SERVED!
Franz6389: hahaha, ok. that was AWESOME!!
Adam Batty: and now will that be credit or debit?
Franz6389: umm, well....
Franz6389: yeah!
Franz6389: you're a...
Franz6389: umm
Adam Batty: winner
Franz6389: ok, i got nothin
Adam Batty: i'm a winner.
Franz6389: well your a college freshman now, so FRESHMAN!!!
Franz6389: ha HA!
Adam Batty: i'm saving the part of this conversation where i took you down
Adam Batty: down town
Adam Batty: took you down town to china town
Franz6389: ⋯

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April 12th, 2006

10:31 pm - hey there lj, have you heard?
Have you heard that I'm going to Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa next year? That is the truth. I decided about a week ago, so I guess you're a bit out of the loop.
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April 1st, 2006

01:32 am - everyone's a winner, bargains galore!
Adam Batty: plus that i've already cheated on allie once, and we know how well that went
stellawasinlove: what the heck
stellawasinlove: i don't know how well that went, when was this
Adam Batty: APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!
stellawasinlove: JERK
stellawasinlove: JERK JERK
stellawasinlove: i hate april fools because i am like THE april fool
Adam Batty: hahaha
Adam Batty: oh livejournal, wait till you hear this one

Yeah, simple, but effective. Also, happy birthday to one very special George Lucas!
Current Music: the pavement in front of Will Dagger's house-motion suggests

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